At Axis Dealer Solutions, we want you to have an

ownership experience like no other, and that includes

your warranty experience. What better way to enjoy 

your vehicle than by keeping it working and on the 

trails. With warranty terms from 1 to 7 years, 

diagnostics coverage included, and additional benefits 

like transportation assistance and our unique 

Claims-Free Refund Program, we assure you that you 

will have no better warranty experience than with 

Axis Dealer Solutions!

Introducing our industry leading Assurance Protection

Plan! Warranty your toy with the coverage of your 

Essential - Major component powertrain coverage, 

including the motor, starter, transmission, and drive.

Elite - Exclusionary, manufacturer-like coverage, 

including our Claims-Free Refund Program (on 5 &7 year terms).

Age + Warranty Term Up To 10 Years Combined. 

Available on ATV's, Snowmobiles, Dirtbikes, and Motorcycles (where applicable)