At Axis Dealer Solutions we are in the business of offering vehicle buyers the best protection packages in the industry while helping our dealer partners increase their profits right from the sales floor, into the business office, and ending in service. We choose our product partners very carefully, partnering with those who share the same philosophy as we do, being: the best products, the best service, and the best support.

Supporting Both Customers, and Dealer Partners, Equally!


When times are tough we are here for you. Whether that be a mechanical failure or something else related to your vehicle ownership, don't hesitate to call. We will offer any advice and assistance we can, ensuring that you feel we have gone above and beyond every single time. "The nice guy warranty and insurance provider company!"


Here at Axis, we believe in doing things how you'd expect them to be done. That means when one of your customers call us with a claim or question, we speak to them with a smile that they can hear and feel. You've put your customer in our hands and our goal is to contribute to their vehicle ownership experience in a way that rewards your trust in us.